Jiangsu sheng Zhi charcoal industry co., LTD. Is located in lingang industrial park, jiangsu suqian shuyang koto town for ShuYang lingang new city, its from ShuYang city 30 kilometers, is apart from the lianyungang city less than 50 kilometers, the airport is only 30 kilometers, the white tower port of lianyungang port 40 km, 90 km away from suqian city.

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The production process

Surging demand, production capacity, expanding, jiangsu sheng Zhi charcoal industry co., LTD. Will continuously enterprising, continuous innovation, in order to promote local economic development contributes own strength.


Generally, the water content of the raw materials is 40%, and the water content of the raw material is below 10%, so it needs to be dried. The raw material head is sent to the dryer by the spiral conveyor to dry. The drying machine includes heating blast furnace, coil drying tube, cyclone separator, fan and so on. The hot blast furnace is mainly separated from carbonized smoke.

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After the dry ingredients are entered into the hopper, the screw conveyor is delivered to the system bar. The machine is composed of motor, shell, pressure bearing, screw propeller, forming sleeve, heating coil, disarm, pulley, etc. With the drive of the motor, the propeller is spinning at high speed and the raw material is brought into the forming sleeve. Forming sleeve...

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The forming rods are made from human to carbonized kiln for carbonization. Drying stages: artificial light forming rods, from ignition to furnace temperatures up to 160 ℃, then the water contained mechanism rod rely mainly on plus the heat generated by the heat and burn through evaporation, the process mechanism bar chemical composition had little change.

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Product center

Jiangsu sheng Zhi charcoal industry co., LTD is specializing in the production of biomass charcoal, mechanism charcoal, craft supplies, special export charcoal specialized charcoal factory!

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The production process

Production of high carbon content, biomass charcoal, mechanism charcoal pore uniformity, good thermal conductivity, burning smoke-free, non-toxic, no smell, not burst, high calorific value, low ash, high burning rate, no pollution, etc

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